Grateful Patients

With a shared focus on the common good, SSM Health Foundation – St. Louis and our inspiring community of supporters are making a direct impact in SSM Health hospitals throughout the St. Louis, St. Charles, Jefferson County, and Metro East regions every single day. Read on to hear some of the truly heartwarming and courageous stories of SSM Health care providers and the patients whose lives they have touched.

Grateful Patient: Josh Terrio

When Josh Torrio’s kidney began to fail, he started to lose hope; but with the support of his wife and the compassionate caregivers at SSM Health Saint Louis University Hospital, he got his hope – and his future — back.

People have often said my wife and I are a perfect match. I never knew how right they were until this past year. When I was young, I was diagnosed with kidney disease. In 2008, I was blessed to receive a kidney from my sister, but it began to fail after six years. I was told that I would be lucky to have two more years with my family. I relied on dialysis to keep my body going. I felt sluggish and had no energy to live the life I wanted. I began to lose hope. My wife, on the other hand, refused to give up. She went through the testing process and found out she was an exact match to be my kidney donor.

SSM Health Saint Louis University Hospital had more than just my kidney in their hands when my wife and I underwent the kidney transplant, they also had my heart. It was only a few days after the surgery before she was up and walking around. A few weeks after that, I was back to feeling like myself. I thought my miracle was another chance at life, but soon after the transplant, my wife found out she was pregnant with our son. I had been told by doctors my entire life that because of my kidney disease, I could never have children. Thanks to the exceptional care I received at SSM Health my wife’s extraordinary gift turned in two miracles. The gift of my life and the gift of our son, Hunter.

I am forever thankful. Without my wife, Drs. Randall & Varma and the incredible staff at SSM Health Saint Louis University Hospital, I got my life back and will get to enjoy watching my wonderful baby boy grow up.

“To show our appreciation for the exceptional care and compassion I received from the nurses, doctors, and staff at SSM Health, we have chosen to make a gift in their honor through the ‘Honor Your Caregiver’ program. I hope you, too, will join me in showing your appreciation for the phenomenal care you received.

- Josh Terrio, Grateful Patient

Josh Terrio with wife, Kristi

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