SSM Health Women’s Health

Nearly 150 years ago, five women — our founding sisters — led our community on its first steps toward a shared legacy of courage. Today, that legacy is carried on by our mothers, sisters, daughters, partners, colleagues, friends, and neighbors as they continue to be a guiding light for our families and our communities. Women are powerful forces in all our lives, acting as breadwinners, homemakers, teachers, community leaders, administrators, caregivers, and more — often balancing the care of many other people while working to provide for their families. Women are not only a pillar of our communities’ strength, they also make up 70% of the global healthcare workforce.

Time and again, through times of unprecedented challenge and beyond, the women of our region lead us forward with a quiet and unwavering strength. As increasing demand is placed on women to take on a wide range of roles and stress, we are called to work toward ensuring that every woman in our community — both patient and caregiver — has access to the exceptional health care and resources that she deserves.

Your gift to SSM Health Women’s Health supports:

  • The MOMs Line
  • Breast care screenings
  • 3D mammography
  • Health education
  • Programmatic support
  • OB/GYN care programs
  • Innovative women’s health facilities, equipment, and training
  • And more

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