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Stories of Giving

Why I Give: Mike Milligan

Mike is proud to support SSM Health St. Anthony Foundation because he believes in the mission – and that helping others get the care they need is crucial to a thriving community. Join Mike in supporting SSM Health St. Anthony Foundation.

Why I Give: Lori Colbert

Lori gives because of programs like the employee emergency fund, which helps employees recover after tragic events and loss. She believes in supporting her fellow Saints in Action. Join Lori in supporting fellow Saints in Action.

Why I Give: David Odom

David’s giving is directed by his deep faith and philanthropic family roots. He sees the good that can happen when we all contribute to organizations that help others. Join David in helping others in our community.

Why I Give: Dr. John Long

As a physician, Dr. Long sees the needs of less fortunate patients daily. He gives because of programs like the Sisters Fund, which he considers a true blessing for so many people in our community. Join Dr. Long in supporting the Sisters Fund.

Why I Give: Birdlene Purvis

Birdlene gives because she knows every little bit helps. When patients are in need – she wants to be part of the solution – as an employee and donor. Join Birdlene in helping patients in need.

Why I Give: Amie Dilbeck

Amie understands that supporting the foundation means making the biggest impact possible. She knows that whether her donation supports patients and staff physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually, it goes a long way. Join Amie in making the biggest impact for patients and staff.