Rise Up with Purpose

At SSM Health Foundation – St. Louis, everything we do revolves around one simple idea: every person has the power to change the world for the better.

After a year of stress and uncertainty that left many feeling powerless, now is the time to rise up with renewed purpose and remember that every gift, every moment spent in service of others, and every act of kindness can change a life. With shared intention and courage, each of us can enact change for the greater good of our communities.

In 2021, our purpose is to help our communities heal. We are doing so by prioritizing funding to address the most pressing needs of our communities after the impact of the pandemic – and by reminding everyone of the power they have to make a difference when we harness our passions, turn them into action, and Rise Up with Purpose.

Our 2021 Funding Priorities:

At SSM Health Foundation – St. Louis, we often look to the story of our founding sisters for inspiration; they began their mission to help our communities with only $5 and a single basket to collect donations. They relied on the kindness of others, including a neighbor who brought them a kerosene lamp after noticing the dark windows in their attic apartment each night. Just as the lamp illuminated the sisters’ home, the neighbor’s generosity illuminated the power that resides in even the simplest act of kindness. Today, this lamp has become a symbol of our dependence on the generosity of others – and of the incredible power of togetherness. While the founding sisters’ resources were limited, their courage was boundless – and when they chose to stand up and take action, they sparked a legacy of compassion that continues to impact the lives of thousands of people to this day. By rising up with purpose, you can become a part of that legacy, too. Make a gift to support SSM Health Foundation – St. Louis 2021 priority funding initiatives here.

We strive to provide compassionate and exceptional care to our patients and their families.

“Being a part of SSM is personal. The care and compassion they provided to my family was really helpful during a time I needed it most.”

– Greg Hesser, Chairman, SSM Health Foundation – St. Louis Board of Trustees
“SSM really listens to us. Because their mission is grounded in the same mission that I think the core values are of a loving family. Their mission is that the patient’s comfort and healing come first.”
– Sue Schaeffer, Grateful Patient Family

“Everyone did really well as a team during my stay in labor and delivery. And my babies were cared for very well in the NICU. I would recommend this hospital to anyone in the world. Thank you for a great and comfortable stay and for always caring for my needs.”

– Grateful Patient
“It was a scary moment, but they were there with us…not only to take care of my wife, but also – all of us family members. With certain protocols in place, I didn’t think my wife would be here. I hate to imagine if she would have been hospitalized somewhere else.”
– Husband of Grateful Patient
“The people of SSM Health made me feel like I was going to survive when I didn’t believe it myself. I really believe they are the reason I am here today. SSM is my guardian angel.”
– Gary Foree, Cancer Survivor and SSM Health Cancer Care Volunteer Advocate

“SSM Health care workers often see their work as a calling rather than just a profession. I am glad that they feel called, because otherwise they wouldn’t be able to do everything they need to do to support these patients…it has been all hands-on deck, and they have really risen to the challenge and done so cheerfully because they do think it is a calling. They’re the ones in the room where difficult conversations are held. And sometimes they’re the ones holding the hands of patients as they’re passing into the next world.”

– Tina Garrison, President, SSM Health DePaul Hospital – St. Louis

“To show our appreciation for the exceptional care and compassion I received from the nurses, doctors, and staff at SSM Health, we have chosen to make a gift in their honor through your ‘Honor Your Caregiver’ program. I hope you, too, will join me in showing your appreciation for the phenomenal care you received.”

– Josh Terrio, Grateful Patient

“My care at SSM Health Rehabilitation was beyond medical. From start to finish, the therapists paid attention to all of my needs and cared for me as if I were a family member. They restored my strength and my mobility — things I need in my chosen profession as a golf pro. I’m grateful for them, and it’s an experience that I will never forget.”

– Jay Delsing, PGA Tour Professional & Grateful Patient

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