SSM Health Saint Louis University Hospital

The facility, over 80 years old, is one of only two Level 1 Trauma Centers in a 300-mile radius and is nationally recognized by the American College of Surgeons for its trauma resources and response. SSM Health Saint Louis University Hospital provides extraordinary care to the St. Louis community and beyond, but the existing hospital can no longer accommodate the growing need for state-of-the-art technological and medical advancements that support our exceptional patient care.

The new SSM Health Saint Louis University Hospital promises to transform our partnership with Saint Louis University School of Medicine by creating a center of excellence that sets patient care and medical education standards. This state-of-the-art academic medical center will bring the most advanced patient-centered facilities to the heart of St. Louis to meet the growing needs of our community and support medical advancements and innovation. The hospital will respond to the community’s urgent needs through a variety of services including behavioral health, prevention, and emergency medicine. SSM Health Saint Louis University Hospital offers advanced care and wellness services in over 30 clinical areas.

Each year, the SSM Health St. Louis network provides millions in charitable support to patients — including more than $77 million for underinsured and uninsured patients treated at SSM Health Saint Louis University Hospital (2017).

SSM Health Saint Louis University Hospital 2017:

  • Admissions: 16,362
  • Outpatient Visits: 116,801
  • Emergency Room Visits: 44,775
  • These patients were served by:
    — Employees: 2,103
    — Medical Staff: 580
    — Medical Students: 700
    — Medical Residents: 550

The Grand New SSM Health Saint Louis University Hospital:

  • $550 million replacement hospital in the heart of downtown
  • Improved ambulatory care center
  • 15 spacious acres on Grand Boulevard
  • 14 floors encompassing 803,000 square feet
  • 316 private inpatient rooms
  • Two expanded intensive care units (80 beds)
  • Expanded Level 1 Trauma Center
  • Expanded Level 1 Stroke Center
  • State-of-the-art Emergency Department
  • Expanded outpatient services
  • Common spaces for patients and their families including a Chapel, Café, and Gift Shop
  • Conference spaces for community and education needs
  • Large parking garage with valet service
  • Separate Emergency Department parking
  • Architectural plans to support future expansion

Our transformational hospital facility will include:

An Updated Level 1 Trauma Center
and Emergency Department

As a Level 1 Trauma and Level 1Stroke Center, our Emergency Department responds to community needs such as increased violent crime and low-income and minority population health. Keeping on pace to serve more than 48,000 patients annually, SSM Health Saint Louis University Hospital provides care to many members of the St. Louis community and beyond including many who are under or uninsured. In 2017, trauma care needs increased 11% and are expected to continue to grow. Our strategic patient flow design will reduce evaluation and wait times to prevent walkouts and improve public health outcomes. Two new helipads will provide access to immediate critical care and support to patients no matter their location. Space will expand from 11,143 square feet to 32,557 square feet, allowing 105% more beds (45 from 22).

Healing Garden and Natural Spaces

Complimenting advanced medical care, SSM Health Saint Louis University Hospital will be home to multiple green spaces shown to improve patient healing and overall wellbeing. The new hospital will integrate natural materials, an abundance of natural light and the serene Commons courtyard garden for the benefit of patients, families, staff, and community. In the future, the garden will connect the campuses of SSM Health Saint Louis University Hospital and SSM Health Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital — benefitting families that have members admitted to both hospitals.

New Geriatric Acute Care Floor

SSM Health Saint Louis University Hospital is internationally recognized for its geriatric medicine program. First in the nation to establish an Acute Care for Elderly Unit, SSM Health Saint Louis University Hospital’s innovative care accelerates recovery in older adults by emphasizing early rehabilitation and social interaction. The new Acute Care Floor houses a spacious dayroom located between gender-specific units, featuring semi-private rooms to enhance socialization. Together, these new facilities boost medical outcomes among older adults.

Acclaimed Abdominal Transplant Center

Known for its forward approach and positive outcomes, the transplant center is expanding to accommodate increasing referrals and research activity. The SSM Health Saint Louis University Hospital transplant team provides medical and surgical services for patients with end-stage organ failure requiring liver, kidney, kidney- pancreas and/or isolated pancreas transplantation — including patients with end-stage renal disease, liver disease and advanced Type 1 Diabetes.

Transplant Numbers in 2017:

  • 88 total transplants
  • 56 kidney transplants
  • 32 liver transplants
  • 71 bone marrow transplants
  • 81 deceased organ donors
  • 7 living organ donors

The new center also provides blood, marrow and stem cell transplantation. For nearly 30 years, SSM Health Saint Louis University Hospital specialists have performed hundreds of bone marrow transplants showcasing a dedication to excellent patient care. As the only outpatient bone marrow transplant center in the region, SSM Health Saint Louis University Hospital offers outpatient treatment to select cancer patients to provide an alternative to lengthy hospital stays.

Midtown Corridor Redevelopment

 SSM Health Saint Louis University Hospital will reverse the negative trend of urban healthcare facility loss at a time when the corridor between the Arch and Forest Park promises to revitalize businesses, jobs, and residences. Together we will rehabiliate midtown St. Louis by bringing outstanding healthcare, exceptional patient experiences, and state-of-the-art facilities.

The Arch to Park Collaborative estimates that over the next 10 years, the St. Louis region will gain more than 10,000 jobs. SSM Health Saint Louis University Hospital’s capital project is proud to be part of that movement as one of 16 capital projects estimated between $5–7 billion total presently planned within the corridor.

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