Heart & Vascular Care

Heart failure is America’s silent killer, and cardiovascular diseases account for almost 900,000 deaths annually. With 6.2 million Americans currently experiencing heart failure, SSM Health's ministries and providers know the effect increased prevention, diagnosis, and intervention can have.

Your gift may support a diverse series of heart and vascular care programs across our health ministries and SSM Health Heart & Vascular Care locations, including:

  • Expanding patient access through cardiovascular clinical trials or more doctor-patient communication.
  • Providing cutting-edge treatments, such as Barostim™ and CardioMEMS™ therapies and implants.
  • Empowering our providers and clinical support staff with ongoing education and specialized certification courses. 
  • Helping the next generation live healthier lives by partnering with other local organizations, such as the American Heart Association and Sts. Joachim and Ann Care Service.