A Legacy of Courage

We are inspired daily by the mission of the founding sisters who in 1872 began their ministry of healing with $5 and a basket to collect donations for the needy and carry medical supplies. By striving to continue their momentum, the SSM Heath Foundation – St. Louis is honored to courageously serve the needs of our community be seeking financial support for our hospitals to sustain our vitally important mission.

Better Health for Our Community

Our efforts mean we can provide exceptional patient care to make a true impact in people’s lives. Our caregivers focus on our patients as a whole, beyond clinical needs, providing human services support, financial assistance, and emotional support. Our Foundation helps fund continuing education programs for our caregivers, and raises funds for our hospitals significantly contributing to innovations in the health services and state-of-the-art medical technologies. Our hospitals provide over one hundred million dollars in financial assistance improving health and wellness in the St. Louis, St. Charles, and Metro East regions.

A Foundation of Values

Through exceptional fundraising practices, we passionately provide benefactors with opportunities to turn their philanthropic gifts into meaningful impact propelling the mission and vision of SSM Health.